Knee, Leg & Foot

Sonoran Orthopaedics fellowship-trained doctors are experts in advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques to help you live a pain-free life.

Knee Replacements

Sonoran Orthopaedics surgeons specialize in robotic-assisted orthopedic surgery for partial and total knee replacements. Robotic knee replacements allow surgeons to precisely target areas to replace, ensuring accurate alignment and placement of implants and removal of bone. Outcomes are excellent with this advanced surgical technique.

Knee, Leg and Foot Fracture Care

Our surgeons have thousands of hours of complex fracture surgeries and advanced training to result in the best possible outcome.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

Non-surgical alternatives include lifestyle modifications, physical therapy, medications, supplements and biologics/regenerative medicine.

Conditions We Treat

Knee Replacement (including Robotic)

Knee Revision Surgery

Knee Ligament Injuries

Meniscus and Cartilage Injuries

Lower Extremity Fractures

Emergency Trauma Fractures (advanced training to treat complex fractures of the calcaneus (heel), tibial plateau (knee), pilon (ankle) and compartment syndrome)

Elective Knee Revision Surgery
Elective Foot Surgery

Advanced Surgical Techniques

Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Our Mission

We stand for excellence and set the standard for advanced techniques in orthopaedic surgery and fast track rehab to get our patients up and moving quickly and safely.

Corporate Location

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